10 reasons to trust a translation agency

In this post, we would like to tell you about the advantages of contracting a translation agency and we’ll give you 10 reasons why you should trust them. Let’s get started!

1. A translation agency works with a large team of professional translators. It doesn´t matter if they are freelancers or in-house translators, but we only work with native translators of all languages (including Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Danish… when we say all of them, we mean it!) who are qualified and specialised in different areas of translation. And since we have such a wide selection of translators, we always find the perfect translator to complete your translation project.

2. Something that we can’t forget when we want to contract a service or buy a product is, inevitably, the price. Surprisingly, translation and interpretation agencies aren’t necessarily more expensive because unlike freelance translators, we work with such a large quantity of translations that we are able to offer discounts and customise our rates.

3. Having a whole team dedicated to your project. It’s important to know that behind every agency there is a team of professionals. An agency is made up of professionals who are in charge of your translation project. Obviously, a translation of a touristic text is not the same as a sworn translation and so the Project Manager assigns the project to the translator that they consider most appropriate for the translation, assessing the characteristics, experience, and qualifications of the translator. Amongst our staff, there are many sworn translators and interpreters who can guarantee the highest quality translations and interpretations.

4. All translations go through a proofreading and quality control process at an agency. Normally it can be quite difficult for a translator to proofread their own texts and find problems with its coherency, spelling, or meaning. That’s why an agency assigns the task of proofreading to another translator (who is also native) in order to check that there aren’t any errors in the translation, as well as to improve the text in the target language.

5. It is so much easier! Not only do you not have to bother looking for a native specialised translator, a proof-reader, and having to manage all of the steps involved, but you don’t have to go to the agency either. You can send us all of the documents and we can maintain proper communication via email.

6. Time is money! A translation agency can manage several projects in a short time span and speed up the whole process of carrying out a translation project. An agency is not just a middleman, but a manager for all of the processes that are needed to achieve a quality result. Deadlines are extremely important for an agency and must always be met. Moreover, we can also accept rushed orders without having to sacrifice the quality of the translation.

7. The quality of work we do is reflected onto your business. We are well aware of how important a quality translation is for your company since it will reflect onto your company’s image.

Translating your website or your documents says a lot about your company and so it has to be a quality translation! That’s why it is of the utmost importance that we forget about automatic translators. Let’s be honest, online translators can be quite useful for certain situations like when you cannot figure out what a sign says or you can’t read a restaurant menu (and sometimes it still doesn’t make sense), but they should NEVER be used to translate something professionally. These translators have linguistic limitations (quite a few): they don’t understand the context of the text, they can’t communicate with the client and basically…. we can guarantee that the results will be disastrous!

Anyhow, people are becoming more and more aware of how important the quality of a translation is and that’s why professional translation is rapidly growing in the market.

8. Communication. We are in direct communication with the client from start to finish! We always respond quickly so that the client can make their decision as soon as possible. And once we turn in the project at the agreed-upon time, we continue to be at the disposal of the client because their opinion matters to us.

9. The confidentiality of the document. Every agency client can relax and fully trust that agencies guarantee absolute confidentiality for all of the documents that they translate. In one of our next posts we’ll tell you more about this topic, so stay tuned for what comes next!

10. Trust and security. When you work with a translation agency you can rest assured knowing that only professionals are in charge of working on your project. You can relax and let us handle the translations because taking care of our clients as best as possible is our business.

In the end, trusting a translation agency means guaranteeing quality and professionalism. All of our previous reasons lead us to the most important one- the final result of a quality translation.

So whatever your translation needs may be⎯from websites to academic documents like CVs or academic transcripts, technical papers, legal certificates or touristic texts⎯don’t think twice about contacting us at proyectos@lexgotranslations.com and we’ll offer you a quote right away!

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