How can translation increase your profits

We live in an increasingly globalised world, and multi-billion dollar multinational giants seem to dominate the corporate, commercial and tourist world. Naturally, the need for translation is, in turn, all the more prevalent. And this is not just in business relations; people also travel more, and are more inclined to move to different countries. How can we raise profit through translation? I’m going to give you four reasons why a professional translation can help your business and income grow:

1. Gain Costumers worldwide (www)

Think about it – the more people are able to access your products, the more customers you will have. Would you buy something from a website you don’t understand?

In fact, a translation into one single language can allow you to reach out to multiple countries and nationalities. For example, French is not only spoken in France; it’s also the official language of 31 different countries over Europe, Africa, North America and the Caribbean. Similarly, Spanish is spoken in 21 countries over the Iberian Peninsula, Latin and Central America and the Caribbean.

Adaption in different countries is called localization and will be explained in another post, so always keep up to date with our posts.

So what about all the people in those countries carrying out internet searches on Google or other search engines? If their search terms are in a certain language, the results they obtain will likely also appear only in that language. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing strategy used by many companies. A professional translation of your website is part of this process as it will increase your business’ visibility online, and it may allow you to expand your customer base and become more internationally available.

2. Strengthen your Brand image

You should also think about your company image. Not only does it look more professional to provide a service in several languages, but it also gives the impression of a company who cares about their foreign customers and is capable of catering to their needs. Customers will feel more at ease and will be more likely to invest their money in your products and services.

In fact, even if you haven’t reached the globalisation stage yet – make it look like you have! By operating in several languages, you’re creating the image of a more established, globalised and efficient company, meaning clients are bound to trust you.

What’s more, a good, professional translation done by native translators doesn’t just translate the language, but also the culture. This means your product or service is appropriately targeted and marketed, guaranteeing an increase in sales, and therefore in profit.

3. Save money

On another note, a part from generating income, you can also increase your profits by saving. Perhaps you’ve already thought of translating, and you’ve put a bilingual member of your staff up to doing an amateur translation for free, or even fallen into the trap of relying on Google Translate and a bit of initiative. You may think you’ve saved money, but have you had the translation proof read? Is your employee a native speaker of the target language? Have they taken into account all of the linguistic, cultural and technical considerations that a professional translator would?

It’s only a matter of time before a native speaker points out an error to you, be it grammatical, typographical or lexical. At worst, you may be a source of amusement for native speakers who come across your comically amateur translation. You now not only have to rectify the translation, but you’ve also wasted all that time and may even have to waste more re-marketing and re-launching a product! And as we all know – time is money!

4. Stay ahead of your competition

Be aware of your competition! Products are standardising and consumers’ needs are becoming more similar whilst markets are merging. Communication is also at its most immediate, meaning internationalisation is now not as costly as it used to be due to digitalisation, with video conferences reducing travel costs and human roles being taken over by artificial intelligence.

In a world where internationalisation is not only facilitated but also fast-growing, you probably want to keep up with your competitors! Among the many aspects of the internationalisation process that must be considered, translation is one of the most important. You may also want to consider interpretation, which will aid meetings and general international communication in an equally professional manner, avoiding misunderstandings and awkward encounters.

All in all, translation for your business is never a bad idea. It may involve an investment, but it’s guaranteed to bring rewards in the future. Just make sure you rely on professional translators! At LexGo Translations we pride ourselves on our high-quality translation service provided by native translators and proof read, helping clients from all professional realms and industries to reach new customers.

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