Why is translation important in the real estate industry?

There are many reasons why people choose to move to a different country. Some people are searching for change and cultural experiences, some for work, others for sea, sun and a different lifestyle…

Many people choose to buy homes abroad, whether they are settling permanently or choosing to invest in a ‘holiday home’. In particular, the coasts of Spain and its laid-back way of life attract many people from around the world, particularly retired older couples often referred to as ‘expats’. Spain is therefore known for its popular expat destinations and the communities that subsequently form.

As well as the well-known residential real estate business, what is known as industrial real estate is also significant. Facilities for manufacturing, production, research and development, storage and distribution may be required by companies in the process of internationalisation and inter-lingual exchanges are inevitable.

In this post, we will explain why professional translation is important in this sector, the kinds of things that are important to translate, and how to go about obtaining high-quality translations.

What role does translation play in real estate?

Many real estate companies who have recognised this demand already cater to their foreign clients and aid them in the process of buying or renting a property, a process the clients will probably not be familiar with and that will possibly be very different to the process in their country of origin.

In order to be a good, recommendable real estate company and remain competitive, it is important to help the client understand the process in their own language. If a client feels they are being supported and guided and that everything is clear, they are far more likely to trust the company and go through with the deal. What is more, in this sector, we could be talking about large amounts of money, so it is important in the initial ‘winning over’ of the client!

So what should a real estate company consider translating for foreign clients?

First and foremost – their website. This is how potential clients who may not be in the country will find out about the company. Not only will they be more attracted to and capable of using the website if it is in their language, it is also more likely they will find the website in the first place. This is because translating your website is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), meaning your visibility online will be increased.

In continuation of this, these types of processes can be daunting for the best of us, especially the legal side and the documentation, not to mention if it is in a foreign country and language. Clients need to understand all important information, any contracts they’re signing, any documentation they may need to read as well as all the legal obligations that come with owning or renting a property in the country. Here are some examples of the kinds of documents a real estate company may consider providing in foreign clients’ native languages:

Marketing and Sales: All commercial content of any websites, leaflets, advertisements and descriptions of properties.

Legal Documentation: There are many legal documents that may be necessary in the process. Some examples are; appraisals and valuation services, brokerages, sale agreements, mortgage agreements, notarial documents, etc.

The languages the company may choose to translate into may depend on the demand the company has identified itself. In Spain, for example, the most commonly languages used in the real estate sector are English, German and French, however many also operate in languages such as Russian, Chinese, Arabic.

More importantly, companies should always make sure these documents are translated by professional translators. This is because a professional translator knows the target culture and is capable of appropriately translating complex terminology specific to the sector, producing accurate, first-rate translations of important documents that if misinterpreted could have disastrous results and will also help win over clients by projecting professionalism and competence. At LexGo Translations, we have experience translating all sorts of documents from this sector, so if you’re considering incorporating translation into your business, contact us at proyectos@lexgotranslations.com and we’ll send you a free quote.

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